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"We've been extremely happy with prMac's writing and distribution services. Ray is always quick to respond and bends over backwards to meet your needs. The exposure we've received from the prMac network is far better than anything we could have ever achieved by ourselves. A bargain at twice the price!"
Jonathan Hammer - e3 Software

"For us as a German iOS developer, prMac is essential. We need exposure in the US and at the same time need a good press release written by a native speaker. The price for the full service is almost a joke, a similar service is like 4x the price here in Germany. What surprised us most is the quality of the service. They went through the app, included all our extra info and the website content and absolutely nailed what the app is about. Even if we knew perfect English and knew the format of a press release we couldn't have made it any better. And even better, it felt like we were personally cared for, not like a clinical mass service. Now we have a text we can use for most future press release, can use for our website and use parts of it for other occasions. And even if the target of using their extended release wasn't to sell apps directly, sales already got a bump that justified the price alone, so we will use it for all major updates, no question. You think this sounds to good to be true? It sure does."
Martin Gruhn - TimeTours

"We always read the messages from prMac with excitment. Dealing with the staff is a pleasure. The prMac service is simply outstanding!"

"prMac were a pleasure to work with. We used their writing service and found Ray to be extremely responsive and accommodating. We will be using prMac again and would highly recommend them."
John S. Eddie - Zicron Software

"prMac worked really well! Thank you ever so much for creating this service. I most certainly will use it again. I only wish that I would have known about prMac sooner. Thanks again!"
Paul Dunahoo - PAD Software

"We are absolutely delighted with prMac's services and use them for every single press release for our products. Their excellent writing service is especially a life-saver for us, non-native english speakers. Thank you prMac!"
Konstantin Bender - NSObjects

"prMac is something special. From the other testimonials, we were already expecting great writing and distribution service. What came unexpected were all the helpful tips and free advice we got from Ray just through the course of working on our press release. It was like working with a good teacher who, despite time constraints, goes out of his way to help you. Our only regret is not learning about this service sooner."
William Kuo - Widgetize

"We think that prMac is one of the best services for a software house. They created a professional looking press release for our software allowing us to concentrate on the thing we are able to do best: write programs that are comfortable and natural to use."

"I'm extremely pleased with prMac's services. It makes launching our new and updated products so much easier and more successful. I continue to be impressed by the quality, responsiveness, and friendliness of their staff, couldn't recommend it more to any Mac developer."
Alexander Griekspoor - Mekentosj BV

"Bel Math Apps is very happy with the job done by prMac. The release process is easy to follow, and we were even helped with editing to help improve our release! Press releases through prMac have always attracted a lot of attention to our applications."
Tatyana Belyavskaya - Bel Math Apps

"Thanks for creating such an incredible service. It is mind-boggling how useful it has been for us. We're a tiny company, with a tiny PR budget, and prMac is our biggest ally when it comes to communicating with the Mac eco-system."
Gabe Cheifetz - CrumplePop

"I have developed 14 educational math apps for iPhone and iPod touch and have used prMac to tell about all of them to the press. It is the best option for Mac, iPad and iPhone developers. For my latest app I used their press release writing service and I was very satisfied with the way they handled my press release and took into account my every wish. I recommend prMac to all Mac, iPad and iPhone developers."
Esa Helttula - iDevBooks

"I was extremely impressed with prMac's writing service. The press release described my product much better than I could have, showing that Marc took the time to deeply understand not just the features, but the intent behind them. The writing was professional and captured the message perfectly! This service is an incredible value and could easily be priced far higher - it's worth it!"
Jeremy Fuller - Wolf Studios, LLC

"prMac has been helpful from day one, guiding us through the process with real attention to detail, and preparing us for any pitfalls. It has been an extremely effective way of engaging with the Mac press and starting our relations with them, and at a price so cheap you wouldn't notice it. Long may it continue."
Matt O'Connor - YourView

"As a small company you have to invest your budget wisely or you are out of business soon. The $19 I invested in prMac is the best $19 I have ever invested in my entire career. Not sure if prMac is the right choice for you? Read my blog about what they have done for Captionit and I am sure you will go back and work prMac."
Alex Hofmann - Captionit Inc

"I can not tell you how satisfied I am with the high quality Press Release prMac helped us to develop and distribute. With 60,000 apps and rising in the iTunes Store, it's getting harder and harder to stand out from the competition. I had already spent 100's of dollars on seemingly meaningless advertising showing very little results when I read an article from another developer raving about prMac's service. Within 5 minutes of the Press Release going live, I had tons of e-mails coming in from popular iphone blogs and websites interested in reviewing Power Grid and another large sum of websites posted the Press Release to their members. We instantly saw growth in our website traffic well over 400% and it really helped us jump start our advertising campaign."

"prMac is the best place to make your presence known on the net, with style. We found prMac very addictive, because you get the best ROI whether you use its wonderful extended service or professional writing service. You hire a great system and real intelligence virtually at no cost. We also like their proficient Mac knowledge, the coverage of Mac community, and all the unique services developed and backed up by the very unibody of Mac user & developer. We even learned a lot about our products from their writing."
Charlie Lee - InfoLogic Inc.

"When we started out doing press releases we were using the using the traditional, manual way. Our response rate was about 0.1%. Not understanding what exactly we were doing wrong we came across prMac in a search query. Having nothing to lose we passed along the exact same press release that we had failed with along to prMac. We were subsequently blown away by the response within hours. I would say that prMac is probably the only feasible method of getting good exposure for a press release from most Mac or iOS software companies. With the value of service and support quality you get, the cost is also negligible in comparison to the value. Using prMac is a no brainer."
Ben Slaney - Mac Data Recovery

"prMac is always on the ball whenever I need to get our PR out there. I've always gotten quick, concise advice on how to structure and word my PR, and tips on how to create stronger press releases. The last press release we launched saw sales within 24 hours!"
Ravian Budde - CoreMelt

"TapBanana has been developing iPhone apps since 2008. We wanted to use a press release company that focused on the iPhone community. prMac has consistently provided quality service and excellent distribution. Their new video service is a great addition and adds an important additional channel for Google rankings. We will use prMac for all of our iPhone app press releases in the future."
Jim Kirkwood - TapBanana

"As an Independent Mac/iPhone developer, we find prMac indispensable for two things: Their press release writing service is a huge time saver for us. We can spend our time developing apps and not figuring out how to design a press release. Ray writes great press releases that get published. And their distribution service gets our release out there. We've had great success using prMac's Press Release Writing Service and Extended Distribution."
Mark Yamashita - 24x7digital

"The value for the release for a growing independent company like mine is unprecedented. I have paid 4 times what you are charging to get equivalent features but without the same results. Press releases through prMac have been picked up by more news agencies and blogs than any other service I have used."
Todd A. Sherman - Smart Box Games

"We have seen great results with prMac. Each release is actually reviewed by staff and they have given us some great feedback to improve our releases. Last week a release posted on prMac landed us two podcast interviews and great publicity. Excellent reach, great service, great site."
Kai Pradel, President, - MediaSilo, Inc.

"It has been my experience that well-crafted, targeted press releases give you the biggest bang for your marketing dollar. For the last two years, prMac has been an indispensable partner in my PR efforts for MemoryMiner. In particular, I highly recommend their writing services, which are thoughtfully executed, delivered on-time and at an extremely reasonable price."
John C. Fox - GroupSmarts, LLC

"We've been using prMac since our very first press release, which introduced Pixelmator 1.0. We've tried out many similar services along the way, but we still publish news about every single Pixelmator update via prMac as well. For one, we are very happy with its Mac-related media coverage. Secondly, the guys at prMac have been most helpful. They usually reply within a few hours, which is invaluable when distributing news. And finally, prMac is really easy-to-use, so it takes just a couple of minutes to ship a message. With that said, we intend to continue using prMac for the upcoming decade."
Marija Mikalauskiene - Pixelmator Team Ltd.

"I've been releasing software for years but nothing compares to the success garnered from a prMac Press Release."
Michael Zapp - ZappTek

"We use prMac to distribute all our product launch announcements - and our response rates have never been higher! I don't know what we did before prMac came along!"

Chris Knight - Acutus Trading Ltd.

"I am extremely pleased with prMac's writing service. The rough press release draft I sent them became a professional, nice to read, and grammatically correct piece of text that effectively made our press release stand out. Communicating with Ray is a joy: Answers and feedback came incredibly fast and I always felt always in very good hands."
Ruben Bakker - uncomplex gmbh

"I really enjoy working with prMac. You guys are quick to respond and are very attentive to details. I appreciate the honesty and candidness of your company. Your site is easy to use and straight to the point. If you are a company, big or small and you want the work done right and quickly prMac has got to be your choice. Their writing service is fantastic. We used it because we were not familiar with PR and they helped us get it released in a couple of days. Simple and sweet, that is fantastic service."
Alain Eav - Blowfin Inc.

"I was blown away by the level of service I recieved from the people at prMac. From the quick responses to the brilliant touch-up on our press release - that I thought was already a pretty darn good text. I would imagine I speak for most of their customers when I say you'll be in good hands here."

"prMac more than met our expectations. Our first press release was picked up by MacWorld and many other Mac news sites, and our website traffic quadrupled that day, from an already high base. Highly recommended."
Martin Redington - MildMannered Industries

"prMac is definitely among the most valuable services available to the Mac industry. For a fraction of what major press release newswire services charge, you can get your press releases published and distributed to your target audience. prMac's coverage is fantastic, so it's a breeze to effectively and efficiently get company and product information out to the Mac public. If prMac's service cost 10 times as much, it would still be a huge value. For companies in the Mac industry, prMac is the biggest no-brainer going."
Ed Prasek - Spin Studio, LLC

"In my daytime job, I work with rather high profile companies. Getting good help for those companies isn't a problem, but getting good help for my small company is. That's why people like Ray are so invaluable. Good work, quick responses and a genuine care for the job and clients. I will certainly use prMac again."
Nils Odgard - Divine Robot

"Getting started with software publishing involves lots of uncertainties and confusions, so it was a huge relief to have prMac write our press release as well as guide us through the process of issuing it. We saved a lot of time, and our press release is much better than it would have been without their help."
Doug Hogg - Toy Kite Software

"My long career in software development taught me that any application, no matter how good, always requires great pr to be successful. After recently starting my own indie iOS development shop, prMac provided exactly the service I was looking for at an incredibly affordable price. I was delighted to see the top-tier list of sites and news agencies that received and posted our first game announcement. We will definitely be using this service again and again!"
Dan Shelly - Shelly Data Doodles

"Leveraging prMac is an essential part of our app marketing strategy. The value prMac provides to our business makes for a simple decision to use their services. Working with prMac couldn't be easier. Their web site tools are intuitive and we receive outstanding customer service from Ray. We've never launched an app without prMac's help!"
Jim Parshall - Very Alien Productions

"At Macsimum News, we're inundated with emails each day. But we always take action when we get emails from Ray and the folks at prMac. Almost everything we receive from prMac gets posted in our news section or in our daily Software Updates article."
Dennis Sellers - Macsimum News

"Ray Barber and prMac provide an absolutely great service at a very reasonable cost. Ray has helped me build the foundations of a thriving business."
Giuseppe Elia - iWebTemplate

"prMac offers a terrific and outstanding service. I have been using prMac since 2009, so for almost for 10 years now for promoting my iOS Apps. It is always amazing how traffic peaks after a press release has been sent out. And of course, most importantly how sales increase. As a non-native English speaker, I also appreciate prMac fixing my worst spelling mistakes. It's so convenient to use and really worth the money. I will definitely use prMac for another 10 years."
Marcus Roskosch - Independent Developer

"By far, prMac is the best way to spread the word about our apps. During all years of our cooperation, we have received huge feedback from each press release distributed via their service. Thanks prMac, you are the best!"
Alex Taylor - Eltima Software

"I am an indie app developer with very little marketing budget and had to invest it wisely. We used prMac to announce the release of our app and one month later used their Video PR to showcase an update to our app. Since then, our app went to #1 in 23 countries and top 5 in 50 more during a 2 day free promo. A week later we were picked up by the App Store and are now featured on the iTunes home page as a Best New App in 36 countries and featured in 108 more places in iTunes. This is the software developer's holy grail. We could not achieved this without the help of prMac. They are the real deal and were instrumental to our success."
Rosa Mei Huang - Funky Bots LLC

"prMac is an incredible service. We are very pleasant with the results. It's fast, professional and effective, has enabled us substantially enter to the Mac community. We also appreciate your support in the small problems of language because we speak Spanish. We recommend prMac 100%."
Claudia Cordero - Atinco America

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the service you provided to us, along with the promptness in you support. Your service was also key in our marketing and sales efforts. Thumbs up - and keep it up!"
Imad Khoury - D-MagiK Inc.

"prMac came to me highly recommended by a friend. I've used other services, but prMac was simple, fast, and efficient. They even accommodated me over a weekend which was unexpected. I used their Writing Service to write my release. This saved me time and what I received in return was a well written, professional Press Release. I would highly recommend them to any software developer."
Kevin Kachikian - Amuse, Inc.

"I can honestly say that prMac was the BEST bang for my buck. First of all, your service is by far the best I've ever encountered. You responded to my questions so incredibly fast and I'm so thankful for you tweaking my release to ensure the best exposure. The real kicker is the results. Since the press release went out, my traffic went up and my iPhone app sales doubled. I would recommend you guys to anyone and everyone I meet! Thanks for providing such an incredible service and thanks for taking good care of all my needs."
Ronnie Nijmeh - ACQYR

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate prMac. Last month I used the service to publicize the Snow Leopard compatible version of Script Timer, my script scheduling application. Since then I have had a very noticeable uptick in sales, which I can only attribute to the distribution of my press release through prMac. prMac is an ideal solution for small developers like me with a narrowly targeted product. It is not expensive and my investment has paid for itself several times over. Thank you for this great service."
Donald S. Hall, Ph.D. - Apps & More Software Design, Inc.

"I write mobile phone apps and there has been no better way to communicate to the world that one of my apps is alive than prMac's excellent press release service. The service is fast, website-automated, human-reviewed and a pleasure to use during the chaos that usually revolves around product roll-out. But don't believe me, just Google for your product, do a prMac press release, then Google again. That is the real convincing evidence. Keep the great work going."
John Roberts - Mindwarm Incorporated

"For a one-person development team like me, good marketing is almost an impossible challenge. Thanks to prMac, I easily reach out to a very good media reception."
Berbie - TrailRunner

"We really like prMac. At first we decided to use the service in a rush just to save time. But it turned out that prMac service is exceptionally useful and really worth it. And customer support is outstanding! That's why from now on prMac is our default choice."
Izidor Jerebic - TARI

"HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE! Hands down THE BEST value for our money spent! Kind, Helpful and Damn amazing service! If anyone has not tried prMac yet, what the hell are they waiting for? It's a bloody gold mine just waiting to get your news out there which means MORE SALES! Hands down THE BEST value for our money spent! I'm so impressed THANK YOU for helping us grow our business!"
Abhinav Gupta - Game Scorpion Inc.

"prMac's writing service is first class. Ray quickly put together a first draft from the material I sent in and our web site and then responded immediately to my questions and suggestions. We soon had a professional looking press release that I was very pleased with. The Extended Distribution List, with over 200 entries, was far more extensive than any list I could have drawn up myself. Our web site traffic tripled on the day of release. Well worth the investment."

"We would not want to miss the opportunity to say thank you for your professional and approachable manner. We were incredibly satisfied with the service we received for our last Press release. Your expertise and guidance was greatly valued, and your friendly and approachable manner made the process easy. Not only was the quality of the release just perfect, but the quick turnaround was too be admired. We are proud to have prMac as our primary PR service."
Susanne Edwards - Mode de Vie Limited

"As an iOS app developing team located in China, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to prMac for their helpful and considerate services. Their free news distribution service gave us a tremendous boost to introduce our titles to the western world. Also, their staff kept in contact with us and helped us to correct some wrong grammatical and wording mistakes in the process. Thank you so much, prMac!"
Kevin Huang - RenRen Games

"The information flood of the internet is growing by the hour. With prMac I am getting my message across; it is an essential tool, saves time and cost effective."

"prMac made the task of sending out a press release for our application significantly easier than our previous process. In addition, the press releases we have sent out through prMac have reached a broader audience than we were obtaining on our own. They are now considered part of our normal workflow for announcements."
Marcus S. Zarra - Zarra Studios LLC

"I'm an independent iPhone developer and have found prMac to be an excellent and reliable service. Ray was very helpful and offered practical and personal advice to help me fine-tune my press release, which was picked up by MacWorld and several other news sites. The icing on the cake is that prMac costs ten times less than the other big-name PR distribution service I tried - with less success."
Milo Bird - Phantom Fish

"When we need to get the word out to the Mac community, we always use prMac. We get better results than trying to manually contact the press. And Ray's expert editing eye has caught more than a couple potentially embarrassing grammatical errors."
Brad Lowe - SuperSync

"With each release we distribute via prMac, we achieve results not found with some of the costly wire services. prMac's unique model and relationships with Apple-press has made it easier for companies like ours to get our message heard versus just simply indexed."
Melissa Hourigan - Pixorial

"When I start planning a new product, one of the first things that goes into the to-do list is a requirement to make all press releases go through prMac. Not only do I plan for prMac to do the PR distribution, but also to have them write the press release for me. I may be good at architecting and writing software, but no matter how good I think I can come up with a press release, prMac writes a professional piece that goes beyond my expectations. That reminds me why I write software and nothing else. Also planning and letting prMac know who is your target customer early on helps prMac focus on writing a release for the right audience. I am always amazed by their work."
Ricardo Batista - Ricardo Batista

"Gather all your information and tries at writing a press release and let prMac smooth that into a professional version. The result was so much better than anything we produced, and the text produced has also been useful for our other marketing efforts. It’s worth it!"
Richard Hoeper - Pirates Moon, Inc.

"prMac's work was superb in a first class operation from start to finish. Everybody worked well towards my goal with plenty of great advice along the way. I recommend you all wholeheartedly!"
Dr. Eitan Schwarz MD - mydigitalfamily, ltd.

"Very effective! I highly recommend prMac."
Jason Downing - Yummy Software

"We are very happy with prMac services. Our press release has generated a lot of traffic, backlinks and public interest. Ray is very helpful and super-fast in support and replies. We are looking forward to use prMac again."
Pavel Serbajlo - PoweryBase

"If you have never tried a press release, then you won't believe the level of help, communication, friendliness, and most of all, the results. In every aspect prMac was way more than I could have ever expected. I cannot recommend prMac more (recommendation overflow). Way to go prMac! Keep up the amazing work."
John Konstantaras - Independent Developer

"I am very happy with the coverage! Much more than with my self-posted press releases, including some big-name sites like Macworld. I will definitely use prMac for releases in the future."
David Sinclair - Dejal Systems

"After releasing my first iPhone game, I realised that I hadn't planned any marketing strategy. After looking around the internet for tips on how to successfully promote a new app, I found a forum which mentioned prMac and was very complimentary. Not knowing anything about press release services, I wasn't sure what to expect. prMac didn't disappoint in any area of their service, professional, efficient, polite and accommodating, especially after me trying to write a press release myself and making a real hash of it. I will definitely be using their writing services in the future. Thanks Marc and Ray. I am over the moon with the results."

"We are very happy with prMac's service and want to thank Ray Barber. With their service the rank of our site has been increased significantly. We also get far better results than trying to manually contact the press. And Ray is the best editor I've even seen, giving us the greatest ideas on our press communications. In a word, thank you very much!"
Steven Lee - uFlysoft Studio.

"I have used prMac for the release of my company's products and have found their service to go above and beyond, what can only be considered as, exceptional. They have been extremely quick to offer help and assistance and offer a truly personal service, which as a business owner, has proved invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending prMac and will continue to use them for future releases."
Dr Elaine Ryan - LiveHappy

"prMac made it easy to create a professional looking press release for the latest version of my software. The staff is helpful, the process is simple, and the finished product is an excellent media reference for your newsworthy event."

"After sending out press releases for Disk Library through prMac's extended distribution, my web traffic quadrupled in the days following the press release. I also got several offers for a review in magazines as well as premier Apple related websites."
Diederik Hoogenboom - Obvious Matter

"To get the word out, pMac is a MUST DO as part of any full marketing plan. With the importance of press releases in the mobile market, the value for money is tremendous."
Mukul, Verma - Mokool Inc.

"We have benefited many times over from sending press releases through prMac; from sales of our software, exposure in the Mac community, and valuable links from some high page-ranking sites. Just having the press releases on the prMac site has more than paid for the cost of the releases. I can thoroughly recommend prMac for Mac-related press releases."

"We use prMac for every press release we send out. The ease-of-use and attentiveness of the staff makes it a bargain. There's no better way to get your news items out to the Mac community."

"A press release for our second app was written by Chris Hauk and published a few days ago. It is an excellent piece of writing. The press release he wrote for our first app was picked up on by several reviewers, bringing publicity to our app. So we prepaid for him to write our future press releases. Our apps are micro apps and very specialized, so we were not sure what to expect and recognized there might not be much interest. We were pleasantly surprised with the result from the press release. I believe the professional writing made a difference in getting reviewers to look at our app. We look forward to the press release from Chris next month when we launch our first app that will translate menus from another language into English. He is easy to work with and always patient, supportive and positive."
Mary Price - Creekcats LLC

"I'm super happy that I was able to have a press release and had it distributed to over 500 sites. I searched my game on twitter, where I found a ton of tweets about my game! The writing service was very nice, Marc has responded quickly with revisions of what I wanted. Thanks!"
Genki Mine - Summit Island

"I first tried prMac as it was the most affordable PR service you could get. And now, I've been working with them for more than 6 months. It turned out that not only they are the most affordable PR service, but they are one of the best PR publishing services there are!"
Iliya Yordanov - Cramzy

"I started using prMac because it is an affordable service. Our news reached very important sites and brought us a lot of traffic. I've also used other press release services and the results are hardly comparable with what we obtained using prMac. Not to mention that they are very expensive. I wanted to write a special note of appreciation to Ray for his support. All of his responses were timely and on point. It was a pleasure to work with him. I'm glad I tried prMac and I know they will be our partner on the long run."
Cosmina Stefanache - Fanurio Time Tracking

"We have been using prMac for our Mac and iOS software press releases for several years now, and the results have been getting better and better! We received some great suggestions on formatting and timing of our press releases from Ray Barber and the staff, which had a tremendous difference to the success. Also, the distribution list that the releases are sent to is immense, with lots of replications and several review requests. All in all, this a very cost effective way of getting your app noticed and we'll certainly continue to use prMac in the future."

"Thanks for the quick turn around on our latest press release. I only commissioned it late on Friday night and I wasn't expecting any work to be done on it over the weekend. But it was! In fact prMac took my rough cut text and polished it as well as making some great suggestions and it was all ready for Monday morning - excellent! I am very happy with the result and highly recommend the services of prMac to any developer. You will get great service which is both professional and friendly. A real pleasure to do business with - thanks!"
Adrian Nelson - Utility Warrior

"I greatly appreciate the service that prMac provides. The care it takes in detail and the professional advice is beyond excellent. My company will be using this service again."
Harvey Castro MD - Deep Pocket Series LLC

"The team at prMac wrote our first release and my first impression was just WOW! I'm positively thrilled! I'm so happy that prMac can give us the tools we need to promote our products with confidence. Customer service could not have been better. I will definitely choose to work with them again. Thanks to the Writing Services team at prMac!"
Bright Lee - BBright

"We are a small business who makes applications for touch screen devices and we weren't sure how to get the word out about our new software/updates. We then came across prMac. Almost instantly, we had more orders than ever before, more views to our website, and much higher profit. The extended release option sent our press release out to many more companies looking to review our apps, which helped a lot. Keep up the good work!"
Charlie Carver - CodeKraken

"prMac is definitely the best press release distribution service I have ever had. They are reliable, they work fast and you can feel the result of their work straight away. As a small business owner, I am also super satisfied with the prices, support and their overall performance. I can strongly recommend prMac to every business that needs to spread a word about new products."
John Perry - Muse Templates Pro

"Working with prMac has been great! We received excellent and professional service all around. The turnaround time was fast and the quality of the press release was exceptional. What's more is the service is totally affordable and gives you the absolute best bang for your buck. We will definitely be using prMac's services for all upcoming press releases."
Brian Schroeder - SchroederDev LLC

"It's really a pleasure to cooperate with prMac for my iPhone app press releases. I received professional advice all the way through the process from someone who thinks with you to ensure that your press communications have the biggest possible impact. Using prMac's superb distribution for my iPhone apps always result in sales spikes. Need I say more?"
Chris Cornelis - Galarina

"prMac's services are completely bad ass. Far superior and cheaper than other alternatives out there. The customer service itself is also very impressive, I e-mailed them in the middle of the night and had a response within minutes. As matter of fact our e-mail exchange felt more like an Instant Messaging conversation with how fast they kept responding. You can't beat service like that! If you're looking for an excellent press release system with awesome customer service, look no further - prMac gets the job done, and does it well."
Roger O'Brien - Mach Software Design

"prMac is simple, effective and makes it easy to let your customers know about you and your products in an overcrowded Internet; and all at a really great price point."
Massimiliano Origgi - intuiware

"prMac provided me excellent service with my company press release. They have excellently compiled my train of thoughts and presented an elegant press release. I recommend their service to all entrepreneurs."
Ravi Singareddy - Singareddy Info Tech, Inc

"Bel Math Apps just published 5th press release with prMac. We are very satisfied with prMac services: its speed, effectiveness, statistics and especially the special list of "
search for this release on Google."
Tatyana Belyavskaya - Bel Math Apps

"Our company needed a press release to announce a new version of our software. We didn't really know where to start, and we didn't have the time to learn the ins and outs of writing and distributing press releases. We contacted prMac and signed up for their writing and distribution service. They quickly engaged with us - taking initiative to learn about our product and our market. They helped us turn some basic statements about our company and our product into a full fledged press release. The end result was a very successful press release that helped our product gain visibility. prMac was extremely professional, and they showed a genuine interest in helping us succeed. I strongly recommend prMac to anyone who needs writing or distribution of press releases, and we will definitely use them in the future."
Dyami Caliri - D-Zed Software

"prMac is an absolute must for any Mac related release. The results were immediate. The day our first release went out, MacWorld picked it up. We will be using prMac to distribute our future releases without the shadow of a doubt."
David Garon - Castiv Media Inc.

"I learned a long time ago success only comes with the help of others. Our new app was recently launched and we reached out to prMac. I had already told both my friends to download the app, so we needed a little more. prMac made it simple to put out a press release, except they did the unexpected. They actually reached out and pointed out ideas and tips to give us greater exposure. In this world of give me something for nothing, I was floored by the attention to detail and the quality of the talent at prMac."
Jim Belanger - 54 Bells, Inc.

"For quite a while, we have used prMac's writing services and we are more than just satisfied with it. Among other excellent features of prMac, the most pleasing one is the speed. They do their job amazingly fast providing you support even during weekends. So when you need to get your press release done on tight schedule, you can be sure it will be done on time."
Pavel Ahafonau - Happymagenta Project

"I rarely write testimonials, but I was overwhelmed by the professional service and attention that I received while working with Ray and Chris at prMac. I had a lot of questions which were answered quickly and in great detail. My release was incredibly well written and it was delivered well ahead of schedule. This was a very good experience and I would certainly recommend prMac to others and will use them again next time."
Evelyn Eldridge - codeDependent Software

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